What Are They?

Zhephree Accounts are used for logging in to various apps developed by Zhephree. Currently, the list of Zhephree apps includes:

  • Wooden Rows
  • incredible!
  • neato!
  • growlr
  • foursquare for webOS

At the moment, all of these apps are on webOS, either on webOS phones, the HP TouchPad, or both. In the near future, these apps (excluding foursquare) will be ported to other mobile platforms, and some may even see web-based versions for use on your desktop!

Zhephree Accounts will always be free (though the apps that are powered by them may not always be) and very little information is needed to sign up.

What Do They Do?

The list is short, but powerful! Current features include:

  • Use the same account to sign into multiple Zhephree apps
  • Back-up and sync your data and settings from the app to the cloud
  • Your data and settings will sync to multiple devices when you sign in with the same account

What Apps Use Them?

At the moment, the list is short, but we hope to expand it really soon with upgraded versions of existing apps and new apps! Supported apps include:

  • Wooden Rows


  • Back-up and sync settings and data from Zhephree Apps
  • Use the same username/password for multiple apps and devices