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You may use Zhephree's webOS apps already -- Wooden Rows, neato!, incredible!, growlr, and foursquare. If you do, you can already see that with just a handful of apps, having multiple places with your app data and different codes and usernames to remember for each app. A Zhephree account allows you to store settings and other data from Zhephree apps in the cloud on the Zhephree servers, giving you piece of mind that your data's backed-up. Not only that, but this allows you to sign in with your Zhephree Account on another device and have all of your data pulled down to the other device instantly!

It all stays synced in the cloud so your devices always have the most recent information.

Plus, since when you log in to an app using your Zhephree Account the app never stores your password and is only authorized for your account, you can remotely unauthorize the app from the web.

Note: Currently only Wooden Rows, neato!, and Fez by Zhephree supports Zhephree Accounts. Other apps are coming soon.

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